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Hello world!

Charles Hoffman

A while back the guys told me they thought the Sump Pump website should have a blog and I should write it. As per my usual pattern, I agreed to do it and then got around to it about a year later. So on that note, welcome to the Sump Pump Records blog!

No doubt many folks are wondering what's the deal with the Traffic Death album? We had said a release date of December 10, and here we are in the new year without vinyl yet. Well, the delay is due to a misunderstanding with the pressing plant. When recording, a couple of times the band ran a couple songs together without pausing in between, in a manner they frequently do in their live shows, and they decided not to bother editing them apart, so there were tracks that contained two songs and the pressing plant couldn't put those little gaps in between them (I'm sure there's a proper term for them and here I am co-proprietor of a record label and I don't even know it). We had tried to give them a heads-up and let them know that we were fine with that, but when the records came out with fewer apparent tracks than the song listing they panicked a bit, then took a week to even tell us about it. And then there's of course the holiday season, during which nothing gets done by anyone anyway.

Well the good news has just reached me as I write this, that the records have finally arrived! We are prepared and on track to get them out to everyone super fast, so if you pre-ordered, hang tight just a few more days and you should see yours in the mail soon!

By the way, we have a show calendar with pretty much nothing on it. I'd like to see it full of shows involving not only bands who have released records on Sump Pump but also any that have stuff in our distro... but that's a daunting task to carry out alone so I'm opening it up to submissions. Send your show info to and I'll get it up on there if I decide it's relevant (if it's ambiguous I'll likely err on the side of relevant).

Thanks all, and see you next post!