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Traffic Death - Terror On The Freeway (Vinyl EP)

Distro S-U

Traffic Death - Terror On The Freeway (Vinyl EP)


Traffic Death - Terror On The Freeway (Vinyl EP)


7" Vinyl EP

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This record has a broad representation of the bands style and influences ranging from old school hardcore punk rock, black metal, doom metal, speed metal and even NWOBHM as is represented in the cover track of GIRLSCHOOL's classic tune "Hit & Run". 
Cover artwork by the amazing Alexandros Pyromallis. 
All records are pressed on clear vinyl with Red Blood Splatter. 
released by Give Praise Records as well as our label Vehicular Genocide records


released October 7, 2015

Released by: Vehicular Genocide Records and Give Praise Records
Currently available at: 
7" Limited to 500 Copies on Clear with Red Blood Splatter.

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