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Class M Planets - Deerpath (Vinyl LP)


Class M Planets - Deerpath (Vinyl LP)


16 songs, 180 gram, gatefold vinyl

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released August 12, 2013

All songs written by Adam Goldman and recorded at Tree Fort Lounge, Portland, OR. Mixed by Mark Kaeder at Falcon studios except for “True Compass”, “Driftwood”, “New Romantic”, “Simple Shapes”, and “Deerpath”. Those tracks recorded/mixed by Mike Hagler at Kingsize Soundlabs, Chicago, IL. Mastering: Ryan Foster. Paintings & logo by Cary Porter. 

Adam plays guitar, keyboard, and sings on all songs unless otherwise noted. 

“Kind Of” 
Jenni Nissila: drums
Keith Brush : Bass
Mae Starr : Piano / sounds

“True Compass” 
Spacey Traci : bass / vocals
Recording / Mixing: Mike Hagler

David Gilde : Bass
Tofer Towe: Drums
Jairus Dathan Smith: Guitar
Ilana Gilbert : lyrical assistance

Spacey Traci : voice

Chelsea Smith: vocals 
Jenni Nissila: Drums 
Adam: guitar 
Jairus Dathan Smith: Bass

Adam : Guitar / Voice

Keith Brush : standup bass
Jenni Nissila: DrumsChris Gabriel : Pedal Steel
Misty Jade Johnson : Voice
Jairus Dathan Smith: Voice
Dan Pelley : Voice
Dylan Hillerman : Voice

Adam : Guitar / Voice
Todd Bayles: Accordion
David Gilde : Bass
Tofer Towe : Drums

Adam : Guitar / Voice / instruments
Doug Hosmanek : Drums

“Broken English” 
Adam : Guitar
Kaitlyn ni Donovan : Voice
Tofer Towe : Percussion
David Gilde : Bass
Jairus Dathan Smith : Guitar
Sam Ross : Cello

“New Romantic” 
Adam : Guitar / Vocals / percussion

Adam : Guitar
Misty Jade Johnson : Vocals
David Gilde : Bass
Tofer Towe : Drums
Jairus Dathan Smith : Guitar

“Simple Shapes” 
Bass: John Abbey

“Plenty of Miles Ahead” 
Tofer Towe: Drums
Dani Padilla: vocals
Jacob Mestman: Bass

Spacey Traci : Vocals